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DSK Class Descriptions


Basic Obedience
For puppies and older dogs

with no previous obedience

training. Your puppy will

learn skills including down,

sit, stand, heads-up heeling,

and/or walking nicely on a

leash, plus circles, going to

his or her place, a recall,

and an informal stay.


Novice Obedience
For dogs and pups who

may venture into the

(obedience) show ring.

You’ll learn all AKC Novice obedience exercises except heeling off leash -- Heeling on Leash and Figure 8, Stand for Exam, Recall, and Sit and Down Stays.


Competition Novice

This class is for dogs who’ve been through

a Novice class and are getting ready to compete. We perfect all the skills learned in Novice Obedience and add Off-Leash Heeling.


Open Obedience
For dogs who have earned the CD (Companion Dog) title and/or dogs who are trained through Novice and want to earn the CDX (Companion Dog Excellent) title. Exercises are Heel Off Leash, Figure 8 off leash, Drop on Recall, Retrieve Dumbbell on the Flat, Retrieve Dumbbell Over the High Jump, Sit Stay (for three minutes with handler out of sight) and Down Stay (for five minutes with handler out of sight).

For dogs who have their CDX and/or dogs who are trained through Open want to earn their Utility Dog (UD) title. Exercises are Signals, Scent Articles, Directed Retrieve, Moving Stand, and Directed Jumping.


For dogs and puppies with no previous agility training. Dogs learn to navigate the tunnel, a lowered dog walk, lowered A frame, and pause table, and are introduced to the teeter. Weave poles are a priority. Dogs also learn contacts – two on/two off – and some flat work.

For dogs and puppies who’ve completed the Intro/Beginner class. Dogs progress in learning and practicing their skills on the agility equipment and learn to put together short sequences. Handlers and dogs learn front, blind, and rear crosses. Handlers learn basic handling skills. Weave poles continue to be a priority.

For dogs who’ve completed the Intermediate class and been promoted by the instructor. We break down and run full courses and polish handling skills. Weave poles continue to be a priority.

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