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Meet Nancy Curtis

Nancy Curtis is the resident DSK rally guru and agility instructor who’s also, often, the first voice on the phone when you call DSK and the first to extend a hand in welcome when you walk through the door. In addition to teaching rally and beginning agility, Nancy assists with Kim’s obedience classes and offers private lessons on her own by appointment.


Nancy also serves as Kim’s right hand at DSK, and effortlessly – or so it seems – carries out the thousand and one administrative tasks necessary to keep DSK running smoothly.


Dogs are fun!

Nancy got her first dog when she was four, and she quickly learned that there was

nothing more fun in the whole wide world than teaching that pup to do tricks. The enjoyment she found then in helping dogs perform has multiplied through the years.


Nancy has had dogs her whole life. She currently has two Shelties, Luke (U-CDX Fireside Never Stop Believin UD RE AX AXJ NF) and Cruiser (U-CDX Blue Heavens Moonlight Ramble UD RAE MXS MJS); a Border Collie, Stryker (Norwood’s Owl Love Ewe Like Crazy CD NA NAJ); and Ace, a black Labrador Retriever who belongs to her husband. 

Nancy’s had great success showing her dogs in agility, obedience, and rally. Her younger Sheltie, Cruiser, finished fourth in a class of more than a hundred dogs at the 2015 AKC Rally National Championship. Rally guru indeed!


Nancy met Kim soon after Kim opened the current DSK facility. Kim was looking for someone to help her keep things moving smoothly, and Nancy was looking for a top-notch training facility. It was a perfect match, and Nancy’s had a ringside seat at DSK ever since, watching Kim work her magic with dogs from one end of the spectrum to the other.


"Kim has an uncanny ability to read dogs like no other trainer I’ve seen,” Nancy says. “Her training methods are so diverse that she’s able to help any dog and handler achieve their highest goals, whether it’s walking nicely on a leash or chasing that elusive UDX or OTCH.”


Nancy also from time to time handles one of Kim’s dogs in the ring. In fact, Nancy’s first foray into UDX territory came when she showed Kim’s Poodle Bruno to a High Combined win at the Mound City Obedience Training Club’s fall 2008 trial – an auspicious debut by any measure.

Always there to help

It’s common to see Nancy at an agility trial, huddled with several of Kim’s students as she helps them plan strategy or walk the course. Many a novice handler has been saved from ignominy by Nancy’s generosity in taking the time to point out – gently, as is her way – a better way to run the course. Of course, Kim herself may be talking with another

Photo courtesy Pix 'n Pages
Nancy & OTCH Stryker.PNG

group of students, doing exactly the same thing. Kim and Nancy genuinely enjoy helping DSK students, and it shows.


“Watching Kim work, and watching her show her own dogs, has been a thrilling experience,” Nancy says. “Her dogs truly love her, and it shows in their performances. I’m grateful to have been given the opportunity to be a part of Dog Sports at Kim’s."


Call 618-293-1750 to arrange a private lesson with Nancy. 

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