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“My favorite compliment at shows is when people say to me, ‘Your dogs are so happy and confident.’ A well-trained dog should be happy and confident.”             -Kim Berkley

Meet Kim’s dogs...

DaniCh OTCH MACH4 PACH Polesitter's Danica Dazzles UDX8 OGM VER RAE MXB2 MJB2 MXP3 MXPB MJPB PAX OF – is Kim’s resident all-star. An English Springer Spaniel whelped January 2009, Dani rocketed to the top of the dog sports world in August 2011 when she became the youngest dog in AKC history to earn her breed (conformation), obedience, and agility championships – her CH OTCH MACH – at the stunning age of two and a half. Five months later, Dani placed twelfth in the prestigious AKC National Obedience Invitational in Orlando, Fla.

“Dani makes me laugh more than any other dog,” Kim says. “She has so many expressions and can’t wait for the next thing to learn. Springers can be challenging dogs to train, but Dani understood what I wanted her to do almost immediately.”

Photo courtesy Meyer Photo

AJCH OTCH MACH Polesitter's Absolute Victory UDX7 OGM VER RAE JH MXG MJB MXP MJP – isn’t far behind his big sister. Whelped November 2010, AJ finished his triple championship in September 2014, making him the third-youngest CH-OTCH-MACH in AKC history.


At the tender age of two, AJ finished ninth among all breeds and was the top-scoring English Springer Spaniel at the 2013 AKC National Obedience Championship. His total OTCH points earned that year placed him in the illustrious Top 25 dogs qualifying for the NOC.


Not content to rest on those laurels, AJ notched his OGM (Obedience Grand Master) title in January 2015 and earned his Junior Hunter (JH) title – the last one needed to garner the coveted Versatile Springer Award – the following October.


“I am very proud of this strong-willed guy,” Kim says. 

“Thanks, Mike Bockhorn, for these very special dogs.” 

Beckett Crossroads Polesitter Always – is Kim’s baby. Whelped July 2015, this delightful English Springer Spaniel has some mighty big pawprints to follow in, but looks to be more than up to the task.

By this time, Rev was Kim’s dog, too. Three months later, Kim and Rev combined for a second-place finish in the prestigious Masters class at the 2015 AKC National Obedience Classic. The following March, at the 2016 AKC National Obedience Championship, Rev finished second in the Herding Group. As of July 2016, just one year after she started in agility, Rev is six double Qs away from her first MACH. She is an exceptional dog indeed. 

RevOTCH HC MACH Rapideye All Fired Up UDX5 OM9 HSAd HSBd HXAs MXB MJB OAP XF – a Border Collie Kim co-owns with DSK client Marion Crain, trotted into Kim’s life in spring 2015 at age seven. Marion had shown Rev to her obedience (OTCH) and herding (HC) championships, after which Rev had retired. Kim was interested in working with a Border Collie, so Marion introduced her to Rev. Kim and Rev hit it off immediately, and the gifted BC came out of retirement.

As their first goal, Kim and Marion set their sights on the Janet Larson Award for most versatile dog at the Border Collie National that fall. Rev had never done any agility, but under Kim’s tutelage she was soon flying through the course like a seasoned pro. By the time September rolled around, Kim, Marion, and Rev were ready to shine. With Kim showing Rev in obedience – where she won Utility and High Combined – and agility, and Kim and Marion splitting the handling duties in herding, Rev waltzed off with the Janet Larson Award for top dog at the BC National.

Photo courtesy Phyllis Ensley Photography

Click here to learn more about the incomparable Rev. 

VibrantMACH Smokingold Vibrant Spark UD VER RA MXS MJB XF – is Kim’s second Golden Retriever. Vibe, whelped March 2013, already has an impressive array of accomplishments. He’s in the Golden Retriever Hall of Fame for agility, quite a feat for such a young Golden. He also notched a seventh-place finish in the Open class at the 2015 AKC National Obedience Classic.

Kim co-owns Vibe with her young protégé Avery Adams. Kim proudly notes that Avery showed Vibrant to his UD and helped her train Vibe every step of the way. The next goal for this three-way team is competing in Utility at the 2016 AKC National Obedience Classic. Vibe has also qualified again for the next AKC National Agility Championship. 

HuntleighOTCH MACH PACH2 Candlewood Huntleigh UDX8 OGM RAE MXS MJB MXP6 MXPS MJP6 MJPS PAX2 MXF — is a black Labrador Retriever, whelped December 2004. When Huntleigh was a year old, he came to spend the weekend with Kim and never went back. He’s excelled in agility, obedience, rally, and hunt tests, and he always wants to learn a new game. At the 2011 AKC National Obedience Invitational, Hunt edged out his sister Dani to place eleventh among illustrious competition.

“It’s such a joy,” Kim says, “to work with a dog who never wants to leave your side and is so eager to please.” 

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