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Meet Avery Adams

Avery Adams represents the next generation of dog trainers at DSK. This sparkling young lady has been at Kim’s side for six years, learning from one of the top dog trainers in the country, soaking up every lesson, seizing each opportunity to grow as a trainer and handler.


“I want to be a dog training professional and win AKC Nationals,” Avery says.


Avery began as a junior handler when she was nine. Competing against adults, she’s succeeded in putting numerous advanced titles on Kim’s dogs. Avery traveled to the AKC (obedience) Juniors Classic for four straight years, winning her class each year. 

She’s also enjoyed success at the AKC Junior Agility Competition, placing first in her class in 2012, second in 2013, and second again in 2014.


Not content to shine among her peers, Avery moved up to the regular (adult) competition at the March 2016 AKC Agility Championship and posted three clean runs with Emma, a Golden Retriever owner by DSK client Lynn Bauer.

Avery also recently showed Vibrant, Kim’s Golden – whom Avery affectionately calls her “wonder dog” – to his first MACH! Before she began working with Vibrant, Avery handled Huntleigh, Kim’s black Labrador Retriever, for five years, guiding him to two PACH titles before his retirement.


Spark (Wyndspell Fireworks AX AXJ), Avery’s own young Border Collie, is well on her way too, competing at the Masters level in agility and working to finish her first obedience title.


Avery is a fixture at DSK, inspiring the adults around her with her dedication and poise.


“Kim has been an amazing inspiration and help to me,” Avery says, “and to all the dogs I’ve worked with.”

Photo courtesy Pix 'n Pages

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