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Pyxis Schneiderjohn Oct 2021.jpg
Tica Schneiderjohn Oct 2021.jpg

Congratulations to Patty Schneiderjohn

and her talented GSDs!


Tica was named Agility Victrix at the

German Shepherd Dog Club of America's 2021

National Specialty in mid October. Tica won every Standard and Jumpers run over the two days of competition! 

Patty's seven-month-old puppy, Pyxis, also distinguished himself, in Scent Work, at the National, earning his novice containers title and taking first place in

the third leg of the competition.

Outstanding work, ladies and gentleman!

Nancy & Stryker RNC July 2021.jpg

Special congratulations to DSK’s own

Nancy Curtis and Stryker, winners of the

AKC Rally National Championship in Wilmington, Ohio.

What an amazing team.

We are proud of you, Nancy and Stryker! 

Photo credit © American Kennel Club


The state of Illinois is now under a mask mandate that requires the wearing of masks indoors regardless of vaccination status. 

Introducing Private Agility Lessons

with Sue Phillips!

Expand your agility skills at the Master/Excellent,

Premier, and International levels. 

$40 per half-hour lesson

Accepting Master/Excellent-level handlers

Call or text Sue at 314-303-7674

or email her at MSP@htc.net


Click here to learn more, or to sign up for your first dive! 

DSK is an approved facility for North America Diving Dogs. Learn more, or sign up for our First Dive in April, by clicking here




DSK classes

have restarted! 

We are committed to following all

CDC Covid protocols. 

Check out our Master Schedule for our full slate of classes!

DSK Border Collies swept the top three spots in this year's AKC Rally National championship in Wilmington, Ohio! The winning team was

Stryker and Nancy Curtis. Kim Berkley and Zayne finished right behind them in second place, with Avery Adams and Spark taking third. 

Huge congrats on an outstanding showing! 

Rally Nat'l 2021 Nancy Stryker Kim Zayne Avery Spark.jpg

Photo credit © American Kennel Club

Stryker Zayne Rally National champs 7-9-2021.jpg
Avery Adams Spark Rally National champs 7-9-2021.heic
P Schneiderjohn Oct 2020 #1.jpg

Huge congratulations to Patty Schneiderjohn and Oshie, who shone at the 2020 German Shepherd Dog Nationals in Springfield, Ill., in mid October. Oshie won the Utility and Open B obedience classes on Friday and High Triple Q in rally as well as High Combined. She also finished first in Utility B and fourth in Open B on Thursday. With the highest combined total over the two days of GSD-only obedience, Oshie also captured the Strickland Challenge Award.

P Schneiderjohn Oct 2020 #3.jpg
P Schneiderjohn Oct 2020 #2.jpg

Oshie competed over eight days in agility, scent work, obedience, rally, and versatility conformation sweeps classes and won the versatility competition. She completed three excellent scent work titles (containers, interiors, exteriors) and her obedience OM3.

Patty also showed Tica in advanced scent work, winning High in Trial the first day. By the end of day 3, Tica had notched advanced titles in containers, interiors, and exteriors. 

In agility, Tica posted her eleventh double Q plus some single Qs and won the top 20 competition.  

Way to shine, ladies! 

New classes with

Nancy Curtis & Patty Schneiderjohn!

DSK is pleased to offer three new  classes taught by Nancy & Patty:

 Monday 6 pm -- Beginning Obedience (Patty only)

Monday 7 pm -- Sport Dog Puppy Foundation

Thursday 2 pm -- Sport Dog Puppy Foundation

Classes continue in June 

Click here to register!

      DSK Covid protocols


First and most important, please don’t come back if you’re ill, think you might be ill, or have any reason to think you may have been exposed to Covid-19. As long as you let us know, we’ll work with you to arrange make-ups. 

• Only one client per dog may attend (except for minors, with whom one parent may attend). 

• All students, and instructors, must wear face coverings, except when running the agility course in the back room. Face coverings must cover both the mouth and nose. This is for everyone’s protection. 

• You must maintain a minimum six-foot distance from your instructor, other students, and dogs at all times.

• Wash your hands often, for at least 20 seconds. 

• Use hand sanitizer or wash your hands if you touch commonly touched surfaces or equipment, including door knobs, gates, training equipment, and the like. 

• Crates, chairs, and water bowls won't be provided, so bring your own — and use only your own.

• Students who have multiple dogs may use designated crates with the instructor's approval, but must disinfect those crates both before and after use. 

• Training aids brought from home will be handled by clients only.

• Arrive no earlier than ten minutes prior to class start time to potty your dog. 

• Wait for your instructor to let you into the building for your class.

• The kitchen and grooming areas are now for DSK staff use only and are off limits to all others.

• We strongly encourage you to use your own bathroom at home before arriving. DSK restrooms will be available, but we ask you to spray/clean all surfaces (door knobs, toilet handle, sink knobs/handles, light switches) after use.

• You must review and sign our waiver to attend.


Please work with us to make this reopening a success. We've missed you and look forward to having you and your dogs back here with us again!

Dog Sports at Kim's

apparel is now available!  

Click here to order your long-sleeved 

T shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, 

short-sleeved Ts,

women's and youth shirts,

V necks & more!

Dog Sports at Kim’s

is once again offering dog grooming,

including nail trims!

Our groomer, Morgan Kramer, was graduated from the

Hair of the Dog grooming academy in 2017.

Morgan is experienced in grooming a wide variety of breeds.

Click here to call Morgan (at 618-267-2009), or click here to email her, with questions, or to set up your appointment.

Get snipped (grooming 5-1-2020).jpg

Huge congratulations to Kim Berkley,

RACH Rapideye All Fired UpUDX10 OGM RM3 RAE4 HSAd HSBd HXAds HXBd MXG PAD MJG PJD MXP3 MXPB PADP MJP3 MJPB PJDP PAX MXF MFPB TQXP T2BP2) with a 197.5. Zayne also tied for fifth place in Open B with a 197, while Beckett (OTCH MACH RACH Crossroad Polesitter Always UDX4 OM6 RM2 RAE2 MXB MJB NF) tied for sixth in Utility B with a 196. 

Kim went into Sunday's taxing obedience competition having already spent Saturday running Zayne and Rev in the Westminster Master Agility Championship. In the most competitive 20-inch class, Zayne QQd and finished 15th in a field of 102, while Rev QQd and finished 30th. 

What a weekend! Way to make us proud, Kim! 

Kim & Rev Westminster 2-9-2020.jpg

who took Westminster by storm this past weekend, shining in obedience and agility across a grueling schedule of showing three dogs all day Saturday and Sunday. 

Kim won two placements in the ultracompetitive Master Obedience Championship, finishing fourth in Utility B with Zayne (OTCH3 MACH2 RACH Norwood Color Me Zayne UDX3 OM6 RM2 RAE2 HSAd HSBd MXS PAD MJS PJD MFB TQX T2B2) with a 198, and fourth in Open B with Rev (OTCH7 HC MACH3 PACH

Nancy & OTCH Stryker.PNG

Huge congratulations to DSK instructor Nancy Curtis and OTCH Stryker, who reigned supreme in obedience at the 2019 Border Collie Nationals in November,

winning High in Trial and

High Combined. Stryker also finished his OTCH at the Nationals, on November 3rd. 

What a grand achievement! 

OTCH Norwood's Owl Love Ewe Like Crazy UDX PT RAE OA OAJ

Wondering how to get started at DSK?

It's the easiest thing in the world. Just dive in by enrolling in any of these intro-level courses!



Tuesday 10 am -- Puppy/Beginning Obedience/Agility with

Joanne Bockhorn

Wednesday 5:30 pm -- Beginning Agility/Obedience with Joanne Bockhorn


Wednesday 7:30 pm -- Puppy/Beginning Obedience with

Joanne Bockhorn

Saturday 10 am -- Puppy/Beginning Obedience with Morgan Kramer


Monday 8 pm -- Beginning Agility with Christina Ward


Tuesday 12 pm -- Beginning Agility with Joanne Bockhorn

Tuesday 6 pm -- Beginning Agility with Patty Schneiderjohn

Wednesday 6 pm -- Beginning Agility with Patty Schneiderjohn

Thursday 1 pm -- Beginning Agility with Kim Berkley

Saturday 3:30 pm -- Beginning Agility with Cindy Simpson  


Monday 6 pm -- Beginning Obedience with Patty Schneiderjohn


Monday 10 am -- Intro to Odor with Patty Schneiderjohn

Saturday 8:30 am -- Intro to Odor with Patty Schneiderjohn

Saturday 9:30 am -- Intro to Odor with Patty Schneiderjohn

Saturday 10:30 am -- Intro to Odor with Patty Schneiderjohn

 Click here

to register!

Patty Schneiderjohn & Oshie 2018 GSD Nat


3 classes with Joanne Bockhorn:​

•    Puppy/Beginning Obedience

     Wednesday at 7:30. Classes continue August 18.

•    Competition Novice Obedience

     Wednesday at 6:30. Classes continue August 18.

•    Canine Good Citizen (with test last class day!) 

     Wednesday at 5:30. Classes continue August 18.

Joanne's classes are held in the middle room.


3 classes with Patty Schneiderjohn:

•    Scent Work: Advanced Odor

     Wednesday at 5:30 p.m. Classes continue July 21.

•    Beginning Agility

     Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. Classes continue July 21.

•    Intermediate Agility

     Wednesday at 7:30 p/m. Classes continue July 21.

Most of these classes held in new building. 

Click here to request more information!

Click here to enrol!

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X Vega hits the HIT HC jackpot.jpg