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Bond With Your Dog Through FUN & PLAY! 

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Does your dog think you’re the coolest thing on earth? Is the time he spends with you the best part of his day? Or does he leave you in the dust when he sees a Frisbee or hot dog wrapper float by? 


Yes, dogs are man’s best friend, but too often we take that connection for granted. Bond With Your Dog Through FUN & PLAY 

shows you how to build and strengthen 

that natural bond through fun, not work. 


You'll learn how to engage with your dog, how to enter and understand her world,

how to build a best-friend relationship that lasts for life. 


Classes start January 8,

   at 7:30 pm, at

       Dog Sports at Kim’s.

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Register now! Or for more information, email or call instructor Joanne Bockhorn (at 618-304-7316). 

A powerful, fun-based bond with your dog is right around the corner! 

Instructors: Joanne Bockhorn and Morgan Kramer

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