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Welcome to, the web home of Dog Sports at Kim’s, 

the premier place for competitive and family dog training in St. Louis, Mo., and Southern Illinois. 


At Dog Sports at Kim’s, we believe every dog can be a champion, and every champion should be a well-behaved and well-mannered 

member of the family. 


DSK is filled with people who love dogs, and love to train their dogs. We invite you to take a cyberstroll through our website and see if you’d like to join our community – a place where we work and play with our dogs, always with a single goal in mind, teaching you to...

Bring out the best in your dog!

Latest updates:

No classes on Memorial Day! Have a great holiday and remember all the great people who have served our country!!

Meet Kim Berkley

"I love helping people learn to be

successful with their dogs,

passing on what I’ve learned..."

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