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Meet Nancy Lauermann

Nancy grew up with hunting dogs and knew she would have her own dog one day. Two weeks before she bought her first home, she got a silver toy Poodle. She taught Buffy lots of tricks and walked him every day.

Her next dog was Kody, a shy Sheltie. Kody's breeder told her to take him to an obedience class to help with his shyness. That turned out to be a great suggestion, as the class helped him a lot.  


Nancy then moved to St. Louis and saw an agility demonstration and got hooked on agility. She’s been competing in agility since 1994.


Nancy got her first standard Poodle, Gizmo, and met Kim Berkley when Kim was training Bruno. When Kim got her first Standard Poodle, Dino, Nancy and Kim talked a lot about their Poodles in obedience and agility. Nancy has trained with Kim throughout the years. Gizmo earned his CDX and then was ready for agility. The rest is history! He was Nancy’s first MACH dog -- MACH HHRs Gota Li'l Gremlin MX MXJ CDX.


Nancy has trained and placed service dogs and made therapy visits to hospitals, nursing homes, and rehabilitation centers.


Nancy currently has two dogs -- a Sheltie, Polo (MACH4 BPDCH PDCH Versa Ohno Its Apolo MXB2 MJS2 MXF T2B2 and other USDAA titles) and a Border Collie, Eerie (ADCH Brackenhill Spine Chilling MX MXB MXJ MJB MXF T2B and other USDAA titles).

Nancy has put an agility championship title (MACH and/or PDCH/ADCH) on her last four agility dogs.


She recently retired and is enjoying hiking and training her dogs every day.


For information about her classes, you may reach Nancy at

314-539-7823 or

Congratulations to DSK instructor Nancy Lauermann and Eerie, who took third place in the

20-inch division of the

USDAA Grand Prix of Agility on October 29th in

Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

Great job, Nancy & Eerie!

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